5 Tips for Planning a Party on a Budget

5 Tips for Planning a Party on a Budget
5 Tips for Planning a Party on a Budget

Birthday parties, anniversaries, holiday parties and more occur in each family throughout the year. The amount of events held can rack up a great deal of spending, especially if you’re not careful with your money. Use these 5 tips for planning a party on a budget and save some cash for other expenses.

Have a Potluck Party

Instead of purchasing an entire meal yourself, go with a potluck party. Everyone invited can select a dish to pass so you don’t have the full expense on your shoulders. shoYou should serve the main entree and provide drinks, but let others bring the sides and desserts. This option works extremely well for holiday parties when more people are in the baking spirit and have delicious recipes to contribute.

Buy Decorations in Advance

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your decorations. Buy them in advance so you can be sure to catch some great deals. Get your party supplies once a particular holiday season is over to use for the following year. Most leftovers get sold at half price or more the few days after the holiday ends. If you need pink supplies, get them after Valentine’s Day. Get green and red items after Christmas, and orange after Halloween.

Use Music Apps and Skip the DJ

Parties no longer have to have a dj in today’s tech-savvy world. Download a music app on your phone and you’ll have all the songs you need to keep the party pumping. You can hook your phone up to a speaker or even your laptop to increase the sound volume.

Make the Dollar Store Your Friend

Nobody said you had to get your decorations, silverware, and other party essentials from a fancy place. Make the dollar store your friend and get your supplies for cheap. You’ll save tons if you go this route over a typical department store where everything is more pricey.

Create Online Invitations

You no longer have to send out paper invitations in the mail. They cost money and take several days to get to the recipient, plus another several to receive their response. You can create online invitations instead that come at no cost. Send them via email or Facebook and you can start getting responses immediately.

Planning a party does not have to break the bank. Set a budget and stick to it and you’ll be sure to have a great, laid-back party for everyone to enjoy.