Best 5 Travel Grills

Best 5 Travel Grills
Best 5 Travel Grills

For many people, summertime is all about traveling. For others, it’s about spending time grilling out and enjoying a meal with family and friends. Why not combine the two? There are some awesome travel grill options that allow you to take a grill along on the road when you head out for vacation. You can spend some time cooking out while still getting to enjoy time away. Here’s a list of the best 5 travel grills on the market.

1. Coleman RoadTrip LXE Portable 2-Burner Propane Grill

With more than 200 reviews, it’s easy to see why this Coleman RoadTrip grill tops the list. You not only get to choose from a variety of color options, but the grill is well priced at just over $150. The compact design lets you fold up the grill to an easy-to-carry size, complete with handle and wheels. When it’s fully open, there is plenty of space to grill a few burgers at once, or multiple brats and dogs. There are even two small trays on each side for a place to keep your plate and utensils.

2. Weber Q 1200 1-Burner Portable Tabletop Propane Gas Grill

The infinite heat control setting on the Weber Q 1200 makes it an ideal grill. You get even heating all the way around, for the perfect grilled meat. The electronic ignition means you won’t have to spend time trying to get the thing lit. Start it right up and get cooking. There are various color options to choose from, and the device comes in a compact, table-top design so you can cook right on a picnic table, bench, or even the tailgate of your truck.

3. Cuisinart CGG-180 Petit Gourmet Portable Gas Grill

Cuisinart is a well-known name in the culinary industry. If you want a grill that you know is high quality, go with this brand. You can choose a black, red, or stainless steel option. The grill folds up to almost resemble a small toolbox, while it opens to a stand-up position that makes it easy to use anywhere outdoors. You can even use it as a tabletop option if you prefer.

4. Napoleon TQ285-X-BL Portable Propane Grill With Cart

A much more expensive option, the Napoleon portable blue grill offers a superior wind-proof design. It keeps the wind out and the flame burning well for an even grilling. There are 285 square inches of cooking area, much larger than many of the portable options on the market. The grill also features two side trays that make it easy to hold plates and utensils, especially thanks to the added loops underneath where the tongs and spatula can hang.

5. Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill

If you’re looking for an inexpensive option, the Weber Jumbo Joe may be the grill for you. It comes compact in just 18 inches, but still offers a large grilling surface so you can cook for the whole family at once. You’ll need charcoal and fluid to get this grill started, but for just $60 and the ability to grill anywhere, it’s well worth it.

Find the best grill for you and take it along on your next road trip. You’ll have a great vacation away and still get to enjoy some grilled food with your family. It’s the perfect summertime tradition.