Best Laptops for Airline Travel

Best Laptops for Airline Travel
Best Laptops for Airline Travel

Many people want to bring their laptops along with them when they travel. If you are a businessperson, this is especially important. Not all laptops work well on a plane, though. You have to have the right option or you’re going to have numerous problems. Search for the best laptop for airline travel and you’ll have a computer that meets all your needs while you’re on the ground or in the air.

1. The Acer Chromebook

When you’re traveling to other countries, you might not want to bring along the most expensive laptop you can find. An affordable Acer Chromebook is a valid option because it isn’t as pricey as many of the others on the market. An 11 inch is great for travel because it is compact in size and lightweight. It doesn’t have a full Windows operating system, but it does possess everything you need to get online and get some work done.

2. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

A convertible 2-in-1 laptop/tablet is another great choice for traveling. You can use it as a laptop if you want or turn it to tablet mode for a more convenient option. While the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a bit expensive, it has everything you could need in one device. It is a high performance machine in a small package.

3. Apple Macbook

A long battery life is key when you’re traveling in the air. You won’t typically have access to an outlet or charger, so you have to make do with the battery you have. The Apple Macbook has an 11 hour-long battery life, giving you plenty of time to use the device while you’re traveling. It is also lightweight and extremely powerful.

4. HP Spectre

The HP Spectre is one of the heavier options, but its compact size at just 10.4mm thickness makes it easy to carry around. The powerful Intel Core processor keeps the machine running well. You also receive a nine-hour battery life, long enough for many flights throughout the U.S. You can charge up when you arrive at your next location.

Choose from this list of the best laptops for airline travel and you’ll have yourself a high-quality option you know will work well while you’re traveling or when you arrive back home.