Find Free Outings in Your Area

Find Free Outings in Your Area
Find Free Outings in Your Area

When you want some entertainment yet have no money to pay for special outings, look into the free activities in your area. There are plenty of free options in every city to help occupy your time. Take a look at this list to see some choices to check out, and head online to find similar findings nearby.


Many museums offer free admission to visitors. They may have no cost any day they’re open, or they might have one free day per month. If you don’t have free options nearby, try paying for a membership that covers your costs for the entire year. Then you can go anytime you want to explore. Even if you don’t receive free admission, most children do. You can simply pay for yourself and get your kids in at no additional cost.

Nature Trails

Almost all nature trails throughout the U.S. are free. Explore the various trails in your city and spend the day sightseeing. You can bike through quite a few trails as well, giving you a faster way to get through all of the paths. You can also go online for a trail map if you’re going to a larger location.

Parks and Recreational Centers

Countless parks fill most cities, with plenty of space for kids to play. Recreational centers are available as well, with numerous sporting areas on site where you can play games with friends. Enjoy a picnic at the park after you watch your kids play or head to a center for a game of kickball.


When it’s hot outside and you want to get in the water, head to the beach. Many are free to enter. Some do have a nominal parking fee, but it is not often more than a few dollars. Look up beaches in your area and see if there are alternative entrances that don’t cost anything. You can spend your day laying in the sand and getting some sun or swimming in the water to keep cool.

There are plenty of free outings in your area to occupy your time. It is just a matter of finding the locations available and deciding which one you want to utilize on that particular day. Parks, nature walks, beaches, and museums are some of the most common free offerings in many cities.