Finding Pet-Friendly Hotels in Your Area

Finding Pet-Friendly Hotels in Your Area
Finding Pet-Friendly Hotels in Your Area

Countless people have pets they want to take along on vacation. Boarding your animal or leaving them home alone isn’t always ideal, especially when your furry friend is used to being with you every day. There are pet-friendly hotels that allow dogs to come along on your trip. It’s just a matter of finding places that are so accepting in the area where you’ll be staying.

Search Online

A simple online search will help you find pet-friendly accommodations. Many hotels allow pets to stay at any of their locations. You just have to find where exactly those locations are so you know you have a hotel nearby for you and your friend to stay.

Call to Double Check

Just because a hotel says they’re pet friendly online doesn’t mean things haven’t changed. Always be sure to call and double check so you know your pet can stay with you once you arrive. You wouldn’t want to book your trip just to find out your dog won’t be able to truly stay with you.

Ask for a Lower Level Room

Although the entire hotel may be pet-friendly, you probably wouldn’t want to be stuck on a top floor when you have your dog. A lower level room ensures you can get outside with your pet quickly when he needs to do his business. You also have faster access to the outside so you can take your friend on a walk or head out for the day.

Find Out Where Your Dog is Allowed

Some hotels may say they’re pet-friendly, but they only mean you can walk your dog right to your suite and let him stay there. You need to find out precisely where your dog is allowed while inside. Does he have to stay in your room, or can you walk him through other parts of the hotel? Asking beforehand helps you discover where and when you can bring your pup with you.

Pet-friendly accommodations are spread out all throughout the United States. It is just a matter of finding the right option for you and your pet. Check online, call around, and ask questions to ensure you find the best hotel for you and your companion come vacation time.