Lodging Options to Save on Travel Costs

Lodging Options to Save on Travel Costs
Lodging Options to Save on Travel Costs

All throughout the year, people travel for work and leisure. A hotel is the number one lodging option people stay at while they’re away, as it is the closest thing to home with a bed, bathroom, and sometimes even kitchen. While it may be the most convenient, it is also the most expensive. To save on travel costs, consider some other lodging options that are more affordable.


While you might not want to stay at a campground when it’s cold out, campsites are ideal for lodging during the warmer months. Pitch a tent and spend a few nights enjoying the wilderness. Most campgrounds cost just a nominal fee per night, often less than $50. A rustic site without water or electric is even less, while a site with all the amenities could be a bit more. Either way, it’s cheaper than a hotel room.


The Airbnb website lets homeowners rent out their houses. They may rent their entire home or just a particular room. You can use the site to try and find accommodations for the city you’re traveling to next. Search through the possibilities to find one of the cheapest options. You may only end up spending a few hundred a week for a full week’s stay at a rental home when you’d normally spend upwards of $500 a week for a hotel.


Motels are much cheaper options than fully accommodated hotels. You still get a room with a bed, and bathroom, but there is usually not much more to it than that. Find one of the cheaper, yet well-rated motels in the area.

House Swapping

Someone in the city you’re traveling to may be looking to travel where you live. Sites like homeexchange.com allow two people to house swap. You go stay in their house for a week while they stay at yours. The unique options lets two different families have a vacation in the city they want without having to worry about a place to stay.

There are plenty of alternative lodging options to hotels. To save on costs, try out one of the other choices and see how you like it. You may find a new favorite place to stay while you’re traveling.