The Happiest Places on Earth

The Happiest Places on Earth
The Happiest Places on Earth

Happiest people aren’t the wealthiest, or the most educated. Gallup interviewed approximately 1,000 people each in 143 countries participating in the poll, and asked questions about smiling and laughing, rest and well being, and respect in the following Gallup Report. Similarly, the United Nations World Happiness Report, ranked 158 countries surveyed by Gallup between 2012-2015 regarding key factors leading to happiness. In these polls, Latin Americans and the Swiss rank as some of the happiest people on earth for specific reasons. We can all glean insights from the poll to create more happiness anywhere:


It turns out that family bonds are a really big factor. Families customarily gather for Sunday meals filled with love and laughter. If one family member is struggling, that person can look forward to the weekly gathering and not feel so alone.

Social Connections:

Communities which are close-knit and function much like large families where more people engage and interact, creates a sense of belonging and responsibility to participate. Societies that have a high rate of volunteerism function well and promote happiness.

Personal Freedom and Purpose:

Having the freedom to go where you want to go with a sense of purpose and do what you want to do is a major boost to the human spirit. Societies that lack corruption and have honest and trustworthy people are the happiest.


Happy cultures take time to enjoy nature. Many cultures make a habit of watching the sunrise or sunset each day, stating that the natural beauty gives them a sense of getting away from it all.

Attitude and Outlook:

Perspective and general approach to life are a major factor as well. Happy people make a habit of not sweating the small stuff, and keeping things in perspective is crucial to overall well-being. Latin Americans and Swiss are generally positive people as well, and choosing positivity over negativity and worst-case-scenario thinking makes them healthy and happy.