Top 4 Road Trip Accessories for Expecting Mothers

Top 4 Road Trip Accessories for Expecting Mothers
Top 4 Road Trip Accessories for Expecting Mothers

Going on a road trip is never entirely easily. The task requires plenty of planning and the right accessories to make sure things go smoothly. For pregnant women, the concept of a road trip can be even more overwhelming. You need to bring along snacks that won’t make you sick and anything else you could need to make the trip bearable. There are at least four road trip accessories expecting mothers should be sure to pack.

Dreambaby Bump Belt

Seat belts often ride up onto the belly, causing discomfort. The Dreambaby Bump Belt and similar products hold the belt into place underneath the abdomen so baby is not affected. The device comes with a cushion you put underneath you, and straps to secure the belt in place. It’s ideal for any car ride.

Preggie Pouffe Maternity Soft Seat

Whether you need added comfort in the car or during a hotel stay when you arrive at your destination, the Preggie Pouffe Maternity Soft Seat provides the cushion you need. Place it behind your back for lumbar support, use it as a pillow, place it under your legs, or sit on it like a typical cushion. You receive back and tummy support when using this seat.

Sea-Band Mama Acupressure Wristband

Morning sickness and nausea plague many women during pregnancy. If you know you tend to get queasy in car rides or you’re otherwise feeling sick, bring along your Sea-Band Mama acupressure wristband. It soothes your stomach and provides relief without any harsh side effects.

Female Urinal

One of the most common symptoms of pregnancy is the constant need to urinate. When you’re in the car and don’t have fast access to a restroom, this can be a major problem. Bring along a plastic, female urinal when you travel, and you’ll have somewhere to go when you really feel the need. It may seem strange, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

No road trip is complete without a few handy accessories. Expecting mothers can make the ride more comfortable with these added additions. Take them along any time you’ll be in the car or otherwise away from home for an extended period of time, and you’ll experience the comfort you need.