Top 5 Portable Chargers for Travel

Top 5 Portable Chargers for Travel
Top 5 Portable Chargers for Travel

Have you ever been in this position? You’re standing in line waiting for a meal at a fast-food restaurant. You pull out your cell phone to check a text or play a game while you wait, only to realize your phone is running on a 10 percent battery. Yikes! This is a nightmare when you can’t pull out their charger and plug it into the wall. Portable chargers, on the other hand, can help you charge your phone without needing a wall outlet. Here is a list of some of the best rated portable chargers on the market, so you can power through your day stress-free.

1. Anker PowerCore 20100

This portable charger weighs only 12.5 ounces and is compatible with numerous devices, including the iPhone, Galaxy, and iPad. It takes time to charge itself, but its own battery life is strong enough to charge your phone’s battery within two hours, up to 7 times. This is especially convenient if you have more than one device.

2. Letv 13400mAh Portable Super Power Bank

The cool aspect of this charger is that it can charge up two of your devices at one time. Its battery life only lasts about three to four separate charges, but it only weighs 10.88 ounces and it’s a fairly cheap buy online.

3. Flux Portable Charger

This device has high durability to resist breakage if dropped. It’s also one of the thinnest chargers on the market, meaning it only weighs about 0.3 ounces. However, it charges devices quickly and its battery life can still last for multiple charges.

4. Poweradd Pilot 2GS

While this portable charger is almost 9 ounces, it slips into your bag or your pocket for easy storage. With the Poweradd Pilot 2GS, you could stay out all day and charge your phone 3 to 4 times before having to call it quits. It’s also one of the most affordable items on the list, while still providing great quality.

5. Mophie Powerstation Plus

This addition to the list is a bit more expensive than the others, but it still does its job. The charger is slim and light and it has a 4,000mAh capacity, which is enough to charge a device more than once. It has some great features, like a charge indicator so that you know how much longer you can use it before the battery runs low.

Finding yourself stuck somewhere with a dead phone is rarely ever a pleasant experience. If you want to make sure your device is in top condition wherever you go, a portable charger could be for you. Any one of the options listed is a great starting point for you to invest in a charger that can help reduce your stress and give you the most for your money.