Top 5 Websites for Travel Discount Codes

Top 5 Websites for Travel Discount Codes
Top 5 Websites for Travel Discount Codes

Traveling to new places can be exciting, and expensive. With so many websites offering discounts and packages, how do you know which is the best? Whether you’re flying away to summer fun, or booking that winter getaway, these sites are sure to help you save some cash along the way.

With high-end properties that are hand selected by the Jetsetter team, you’re sure to land in a great place! They boast up to 40 sales a week, with prices up to 50% off what you’d normally pay. To further boost their lead, they offer Mystery Monday where members can book at even more discounts. The catch is, you book before you even learn the name of the hotel. Another nifty option is Jetsetter Journeys, where the team sets up your entire vacation for you.

Last minute long weekend? This site has you covered! They pull last minute deals fast, including from Southwest Airlines, who doesn’t always show up on searches. They send you deals right to your inbox, or you can choose real-time tweets. Best part? They have real people checking these deals, not relying on technology alone.

Based in Denmark, this site has a sleek and easy to use design. They also compare their airfares from over 700 sites, including the airlines themselves, and other travel companies. City guides are even color coded for theme and rail transportation is listed as well.

They offer discounts to places like Las Vegas, Aruba, and Buenos Aires, selling extra rooms at 3 and 4 star hotels and resorts. They even add awesome perks like free breakfast and wifi, all based on your destination. Known as the “Groupon for travel” they offer $5 for every friend who joins, encouraging you to travel with others.

What better way to feel like a local in a new place, then to stay in a locals space? No matter if you’re looking for a big space or a small space, Airbnb has plenty to choose from. The neat thing about them, is that you book and pay right on the site, to the host. You can even negotiate the price and see pictures of the space, all in one place.

Whether you’re going across a state, a country, or the world, there’s plenty of great ways to save while you get there.