Top Ten Sushi Bars in San Diego, CA

Top Ten Sushi Bars in San Diego, CA
Top Ten Sushi Bars in San Diego, CA

Many if not all Americans have heard of sushi at some point in their lives; however, many of them do not really understand what it is, and this has kept them from giving the delicacy a try. Sushi is characterized by sticky rice wrapped into a cylindrical shape in seaweed/kelp, with a filling in its center. The sticky rice is usually made by combining sweet vinegar with rice.  The filling may consist of fish, seafood or both raw and steamed vegetables. Contrary to popular opinion, sushi does not consist of raw fish entirely; rather it’s Sashimi that consists purely of raw fish. Although raw fish may be used as a filling in sushi, it is not a necessary ingredient and may be raw, cured or steamed

If you are a true sushi lover or wish to give the dish a try, there are ten top spots in San Diego that will give you the best there is. These seafood restaurants have been rated the top ten sushi bars for the year 2013

1. The Fishery Restaurant

The Fishery Restaurant located at 5040 Cass Street has been rated the number one top spot for sushi eaters. The restaurant was founded by Judd and Mary Anne Brown and is located in the Pacific Beach side, in a refurbished vintage warehouse. The restaurant serves a number of dishes based on daily-off-the-boat inventory, which ensures that only the freshest products are used. Additionally, the head Chef, Paul Arias changes the menu according to the seasons and the fish caught, ensuring variety all year round. The usual menu highlights include: catfish special, gulf shrimp, fried chicken salad, catfish sandwich and scallops

2. The Harney Sushi Restaurant

The Harney Sushi restaurant is the second top rated sushi bar in San Diego. It is located at 3964 Harney Street and was one of the pioneers in the San Diego sushi industry. The industry is headed by the Chef Robert Ruiz who is an ecologically sensitive cook that never uses species that are overfished or have a negative effect on the surrounding environment. Finger-licking foods in the restaurant include: the flaming lips, the spicy scallop roll and cakes. The bar has a hip and youthful ambience with nightly DJ’s and late-night social hours

3. The Katsuya by Stark San Diego Restaurant

The Katsuya by Stark San Diego Restaurant rated third in the 2013 top ten sushi restaurant countdown; is located in a 6000 sq. ft. indoor/outdoor space in the Andaz Hotel on 600F Street. This restaurant not only offers sushi, Japanese delicacies and sashimias its main courses but also offers open flame-grilled robat selections. The main menu highlights include: local baby greens, local artisanal charcuterie plate, prime flat iron steak, soft polent and cheesecake lollipops

4. Kiyo’s Restaurant

Kiyo’s restaurant, rated fourth is situated on a side street 531F Street, away from the fifth Av. The restaurant’s main cook is one Chef Kiy, who has a history that dates back twenty years. The Chef is known for having introduced sushi to the people, in a time when no one had even heard of sushi. The restaurant supplements the usual variations of fish with special offers on a regular basis. The offers may be part of the planned menu or a spur of the moment idea by the head Chef Kiy or one of his assistants

5. Nobu Restaurant

Nobu at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego is well known for its ambience,mis sake and uncommon flavor combinations of Japanese jalapenos,yuz  and sea salt. Nobu’s ambience has an expensive luxury feel to it, but it also gets hip and rowdy with youth during the night hours; making it a great partying spot. The service in the restaurant is very friendly and experienced

6. Roppongi Restaurant

Roppongi Restaurant, rated sixth is a restaurant that has been in San Diego for quite a while. The restaurant has been around for more than ten years, and it is still popular among the San Diego residents though the level of its service and creativity has been lowered through the years. The restaurant used to possess an ambience of fine dining, however that has been replaced with that of a casual hang out. The restaurant still offers its finger licking delicacies with the menu highlights being: the summer roll, sautéed green beans with roasted garlic; Macadamia nut crusted Mahi Mahi: miso soup, tofu, and Wakame seaweed and; Papadam, a thin crispy Indian cracker

7. The Station Sushi Restaurant

The Station Sushi Restaurant came in at number seven. Located in Santa Fe on 125N. Hwy. 101, across from the Solana Beach Train station; the restaurant seems like a plain eating spot, but this is far from the reality. The eatery is vibrant and energetic eating hot spot, especially popular with the youth. The top dishes on the menu are: the Tuna Shogun, California, Caterpillar, Teriyaki Plate and the Albacore Garlic and Ponzu

8. Sushi Ota Restaurant

Coming in at number eight is Sushi Ota. Long known as the best sushi provider in San Diego, the restaurant has dropped from its number one position over the years. The restaurant holds the position for being the number one provider of authentic Japanese food. The sushi chefs in the restaurant also have a reputation for offering restaurant goers with surprise dishes every now and then

9. Sushi on the Rock Restaurant

Sushi on the Rock Restaurant is an energetic, musical and modernly decorated restaurant with an incredible sake list and sushi creations. The restaurant is an upcoming hot spot that is very popular with party loving people. The signature dishes include: th sashim tower and Mongolian beef

10. Zenbu Restaurant

Last but not least is the Zenbu Restaurant. This is a hip hotspot for nothing but fresh and Asian cuisine. The restaurant offers its customers the opportunity of watching their food get cooked right in front of them by professional chef. Additionally, it has an upscale lounge which also serves sushi and other dishes however, in an abbreviated menu. The lounge is for the party goers who love to party and enjoy some light snacks at the same time