What You Need to Know about Timeshares

What You Need to Know about Timeshares
What You Need to Know about Timeshares

Saving money by purchasing a timeshare is possible — if you follow a few tips. Don’t let the hard selling agents pressure you into buying a brand new unit that might not be a good fit for your needs.

Find a Destination You Love

In order to get the best return for your investment, be logical about the location of the timeshare. If you’ve always wanted to vacation near historic Colonial Williamsburg but your extended family has been traveling to Orlando every year, a timeshare in Florida is a better use of your funds.

Buy used

A brand new unit is where the sales staff pours all their energy into as it is the most expensive sale and they are likely to work on commission. Once you find the perfect vacation destination, scour ads or talk to the salesperson about used units that are for sale. You’ll find that a used unit is typically offered at a significantly reduced price when compared to new ones.

Put the Amenities to Good Use

The structure of a timeshare means you can save significantly on meals while on vacation. If the grocery stores in the area markup their prices, or if there are no adequate stores nearby, shop at home for the food you’ll need while on you’re on vacation. Pack your food and plan to cook and eat in your unit the bulk of the time you’re there.

Seek Out Free or Low-cost Entertainment Options

One of the appeals of many timeshares is their proximity to popular entertainment options, such as golf, full-service spas or skiing trails. Instead of choosing these often-pricey options, look for free or low-cost alternatives such as hiking, swimming in the timeshare’s pool or a community concert held nearby.

A timeshare can be a great investment that saves you money on your vacation — as long as you’re smart about the realities of ownership.