Top Bikini Styles of 2017

Top Bikini Styles of 2017
Top Bikini Styles of 2017

Whether you want a retro look or your own unique style, the top bikini styles of 2017 have something for everyone. While all of these options are making waves, don’t forget it’s not just about the bikini. Accessories and wraps help complete the look, allowing you to create your own stylish impression each time you hit the beach.

Prints and Patterns

Prints and patterns are in — including floral. Stripes are always a great choice and can help accent specific areas you’re trying to highlight. But don’t overlook the bikinis with florals and large or small patterns. Instead, take advantage of this trend to personalize your beach look.


When on the water, the nautical look is always a great choice. You can achieve this with ropes and strings, as well as blue and white colors and trim. String bikinis are a great choice, but even better for achieving this look if they are red, white, and/or blue striped with with “ropes.”

Cut to Flatter

More than ever before, bikinis are cut to flatter almost any figure. Some are even cut to flatten the stomach, while frilly designs on the top will enhance the breasts.

Never forget to accessorize to further flatter your figure. A bikini can go a long way toward achieving the look you want, but accessories help draw the eye to specific areas and away from less flattering parts.