Cancer Horoscope

Feb 2, 2023… You could be low on energy today, but high on imagination. If you’re awash with concepts but lagging on the follow-through, there’s hope! What can you accomplish with what you do have? If you’ve got the flexibility to plan or the responsibility to be able to delegate, go for it. If not, get the boring tasks that have to be done out of the way early so you can let your creative juices flow afterward. Once you’re free to do what you enjoy most, you can carry on with an amazing day.

Today’s Soul Advice: In order to make progress and stay happy, we must focus on what we can do right now to make it better. Grumbling over what doesn’t seem possible and being envious over what others have or our shortcomings are sure ways to spend your days in a grumpy slump. You deserve better than that. Of course, it’s okay to want things so long as you work towards obtaining them, but don’t spend your days sitting around longing for change. Make change.