Cancer Horoscope

Jan 31, 2023… You will be feeling a forgiving energy today. Have you been wanting to forgive someone who hurt your feelings? Is there someone who you know just needs a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on? Your heart is compassionate today, so open it up to someone who needs you. Forgiving doesn’t always mean forgetting, but it does make your heart lighter. One act of kindness or offering a hand of forgiveness today can lift your mood as well as someone else’s load.

Today’s Soul Advice: In order to make progress and stay happy, we must focus on what we can do right now to make it better. Grumbling over what doesn’t seem possible and being envious over what others have or our shortcomings are sure ways to spend your days in a grumpy slump. You deserve better than that. Of course, it’s okay to want things so long as you work towards obtaining them, but don’t spend your days sitting around longing for change. Make change.