Libra Horoscope

Jun 13, 2024… You could have limited willpower to resist pleasure today, Libra. You take such good care of everyone around you, but today’s energy is for a little self-indulgence. Foods that you love will be calling your name or you’ll be drawn to other pleasurable things more than to serious matters. Give yourself permission to indulge a little, but take care to remember to not go overboard. If you give yourself one day to freely enjoy the most pleasurable aspects of life, tempered by common sense for health concerns, you’ll renew your focus for all that other stuff you need to accomplish.

Today’s Soul Advice: Parts of Antarctica are considered deserts because of how little rainfall there is, but most people would never guess it. Similarly, there are facts about you that people will misjudge because they haven’t taken the time to get to know you. Don’t be offended by their ignorance. Just as Antarctica, snowy and frozen as it is, hides deserts, you too hold secrets that only the people who care enough to learn about you will know.


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