Virgo Horoscope

May 23, 2024… You could be facing a problem, possibly even a personal crisis today. If you can step away from the immediate issue and get an outside opinion from someone you trust, it might help a lot, Virgo. You might just be low on perspective or creativity today. Not the end of the world — but do get some advice, it will shed more light on the situation. Talk it out and let a little light shine in. You may find that your own natural positivity brings things to you that you never even knew you needed.

Today’s Soul Advice: Our past shapes us, certainly, but it does not define us. Each day is a new opportunity to become better than our past self. We make choices as unique souls to change direction any time. Yes… even you. If ever you feel that your past is holding you back, remember that you have the power to overcome it. See it in your mind as if it is already true, and then step into your future.


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